The “Walk of Fame” surfing in Anglet – Anglet Surf Avenue

Anglet is recognized internationally for its quality as a surf destination! It owes its fame to its waves, its many spots and the champions who train every year and face each other at major events such as Surf Night or Pro Anglet. If you are a surfing enthusiast, you can check and discover the surfing accessories that TV stars are opting for and more...

The creation of an avenue dedicated to Surf was obvious for a city like Anglet.

  Inaugurated this summer on the 15th edition of the International Surf Film Festival, Anglet Surf Avenue has become a must for surf enthusiasts, whether you are a surfer, a spectator or just a curious fan! Each year, new landmark Surf Culture personalities will seal their footprints on the former Golden Sands deck, renamed from Anglet Surf Avenue. Maybe we'll see our ambassador and Surf World Champion, Pauline Ado add her footprints in the years to come.


  1. What is the origin of Surf Avenue?
Originally, the Walk of Fame is a very famous sidewalk in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles featuring the names of celebrities in the entertainment industry.
  1. Here, no movie stars, but surfing!
Where is the Surf Avenue in Anglet? On the Promenade des Sables d'Or at the Chambre d'Amour (in front of the restaurants).
  1. Why create Surf Avenue in 2018?
2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of May 1968, and the creation of Surf Avenue revives the memory of another "revolution": that of surfing which reached its peak in 1968: counterculture, American and Australian breakers, first magazines, debut surfing films, arrival of short boards and especially discovery of the legendary spot of La Barre dedicated in September 1968 with the first world championships.
  1. Who are the surfing personalities honored on Surf Avenue?
  Six personalities (legends and pioneers of surfing) all of which are related to Anglet:
  • Joël de Rosnay: Winner of the French championships in Anglet 1965, creator of the Surf Club of the Chambre d'Amour, which became Surf Club de France in the bathing establishment.
  • Jacky Rott: 81 years old, one of the pioneers among the surfer tontons, creator of the first board tested at the Chambre d'Amour in 1957.
  • Tom Curren: Californian surfer born in 1963, one of the great twentieth century, by the fluidity of his surf, 3 times World Champion (1985, 1986, 1990), lived in Anglet. Is Lee-Ann Curren's happy father.
  • Nat Young: Australian surfer born in 1947, surfed the wave of La Barre at the 1968 International, twice world champion (1966, 1970), revolutionized the surf by its more radical way and the first shortboards.
  • Maritxu Darrigrand: 1978 French surfing champion at La Barre, creator of Nuits de la glisse, who created Quiksilver in Europe and launched the Roxy brand.
  • Peter Cole: "Waterman", pioneer of wholesale surfing, committed to the protection of the oceans.
  1. How is this tribute materialized?
Inspired by the "Walk of Fame" of Los Angeles, the new "Anglet Surf Avenue" bears footprints (stance of feet on the board) of surf personalities. The imprint is adorned with a bronze plaque designed by the artist Fabien Cayeré.

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