Lady Gaga takes a surf lesson in Puerto Vallarta

There is a lot to tell this summer with all the celebrities who started surfing. After the footballer David Beckham and Lindsay Lohan who had a cure surfing therapy in Malibu, here is the famous American singer Lady Gaga who tries surfing in Mexico. After getting acquainted with the Mexican waves on a body board, she took a particular surf lesson for 145 £/166 €. In other words, it’s nothing compared to Lady Gaga’s wealth since she has already sold tens of millions of albums. What got tabloids and websites’ interest most, it is above all the fact that Lady Gaga was quick to drop her lycra, to surf in black mini bikini...By the way, if you want to learn more about Lady Gaga’s life and clothing style you can visit But let's focus on Lady Gaga's surf skills. It seems that she quickly understood how to get up on her board and very quickly got better. She has adopted a rather special position with her legs apart and her arms in balance, as we learn in surf schools to keep the balance. Lady Gaga surfed with slippers and with the leash at the knee. We especially have the impression that there can be very nice waves to surf in Puerto Vallarta, much quieter in any case than the ultra-powerful waves of Puerto Escondido located 1300 kilometers further south on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. After having regenerated herself in the waves, Lady Gaga went back to promote her single "You and I" where she appears in a topless siren. She is also preparing to take part in the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles and is nominated for four awards, including Best Video.

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