Surf: nothing stops Justin Bieber from surfing!

In summer, Justin Bieber doesn’t just slip on a boogie board during his vacation with his father in Barbados but he also surfs on the (small) waves his own way! From his first wave surf, he impressed a surf admiring fan of him despite being unsteady on his board...

Why Bieber?

Hardcore surfers who read this blog may wonder why would the fact that Justin Bieber starts surfing interest them ... It’s just because "the Biebermania" that currently affects a few million teenagers around the world could lead fans to imitate the young Canadian singer. In the coming months, we could see a large group of teenagers landing in surf spots to do like Justin Bieber, a bit like what happened after the release of the Blue Crush movie when surf federations from different countries had suddenly seen their numbers increase after its release. Justin Bieber is a nice young man and he can serve as an example for too many sedentary teenagers by encouraging them to practice physical activity such as surfing and to prevent them from having heart attacks. If you want to learn more about Justin Bieber’s everyday life, have a look at, a website that specializes in celebrities’ latest outings and news.

Bieber the surfer

As he was able to read in the Surfers' Survival Guide, Justin put on a long-sleeved protective top to protect against board and especially sunburns. Justin Bieber cares about his skin and he did not fail to apply the basic sun protection tips. His stay at the sea could improve his acne’s situation. He risks, on the other hand, having his hair turned blond by the sun and sea water... For his first surf trip, the young Canadian star chose Barbados (where there are several quality surf spots like Soup Bowl) during his vacation with his dad. In order to become familiar with the waves, Justin Bieber took his first foams on a boogie board. Being just 16 at the time, Justin Bieber has plenty of time to catch Mike Stewart or Kelly Slater. It is rumored that Justin Bieber started surfing as soon as he read the book “Surf Therapy” on the benefits of the sea and surfing for health.

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