How to choose your surfboard?

This guide will give you the necessary tools to choose your first surfboard, so that it corresponds to your needs. Choosing the right board is very important at the start, to ensure fast surfing progression and maximum fun. If you start surfing, follow these steps and give yourself the best chance to have fun in the water. Also, you can visit and discover celebrities of the american music who share a secret passion for surfing. To begin: Spend some time reading the following information as it will help you save money and, more especially, enjoy your board to the most.

Calculate your ideal volume

Follow the steps below to calculate your ideal volume:
  1. First step:
This ideal volume table will help you set your starting volume. Find your surf ability level and have it match your weight using the table below. Then go to step 2. Intermediate: Surfer performing trajectories, speeding and maneuvers at the end of waves | 60% to 70% of successful maneuvers (on average) | 7/10 waves taken while rowing. Beginner - Intermediate surfer: knowing how to take directions, and small gears | 50% to 60% of successful turns (on average) | 6/10 waves taken while rowing. Beginner surfer: learning to take foams, smooth waves. He learns the take off skill and his first directions on the wave.
Weight (Kg) Intermediate Deb - Inter  Beginner
35 & under 16,80 21,00 25,90
40 18.80 23.60 29.20
45 20.70 26.10 32.40
50 22.50 28.50 35.50
55 23.65 30.25 37.95
60 25.20 32.40 40.80
65 27.30 35.10 44.20
70 29.40 37.80 47.60
75 31.50 40.50 51.00
80 33.60 43.20 54.40
85 35.70 45.90 57.80
90 37.80 48.60 61.20
95 39.90 51.30 64.60
100 42.00 54.00 68.00
105 44.10 56.70 71.40
110 46.20 59.40 74.80
Example: 80kg + Beginner = 54.40 liters
  1. Second step :
Using the result of step 3; multiply it by the coefficient of your fitness. Physical form Coefficient
  • Excellent - Surfing or sporting 3 times a week Add 0% (0,00)
  • Good - Surfing or sporting twice a week Add 5% (1,05)
  • Correct - Surfing or sporting once a week Add 10% (1,10)
  • Low - Surf or sport less than once a week Add 20% (1,20)
Example: Proper physical shape - 54.4 x 1.10 = 59.80 liters. This number is your starting point. When choosing a board size, make sure it is less than 5 liters of your ideal volume. This will ensure that you have enough buoyancy and stability to stay on your feet. Note: High volume boards are easier because they are generally more stable. They are also harder to sink under the waves and control in the water. Example: Volume scale for the beginner from 54.40 to 64.80 liters.

What kind of board should I choose?

  1. Third step:
The surfboards are ranked from the easiest to surf with to the hardest one:
  • Foam surfboards: The easiest boards to surf with, they are stable, easy to paddle, and ensure maximum safety, in order to boost your confidence in the water. Very fun for new surfers!
  • Mini Malibu: They are large, very stable and comfortable to paddle, making surfboards very easy to use. It's hard to duck with a mini-malibu.
  • Funboard: These boards are shorter and less bulky, making them easier to maneuver for light surfers. The duck will be a little easier.
  • Groveler: They are more efficient and progressive than a mini-malibu board or funboard. Switch to this type of board only if you have an intermediate level of surfing or a very good physical condition. The advantage of surfboard plank Groveler is the ability to push your surfing level further than on a mini-malibu or a funboard. However, if you skip the steps you will encounter difficulties and frustration. You will be able to duck with a Groveler.

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