Bill I wrote the article but I'm sorry because didn't write very well in english. The tapes has the full story. Thank you Flavio Vidigal

Everaldo "Pato" Teixeira was looking the swell comming in north hemisfere at the internet when decided to go right away to catch the first flight to USA a week before to get married.

He invited the videographer Flavio Vidigal while his partner Joao Mauricio was departing from Hawaii to meet them in LA airport. They spend a lot of money believing in the internet...

After making contact with Ed (a US friend who has a jet ski), they left to Mexico without sleep and under a big storm. When they arrived in Ensenada, after fly and drive from LA, they got a 115 horse power fast boat and went to the eye of the storm.

In the outside of Todos os Santos Island the two brazilian guys met the americans big riders Mike Parsons and Brad Gerlach. The waves are comming to be bigger and the surfers paddling gave up because they couldn't ride on the waves.

After this moment Mike & Brad starts town in followed by Pato & Joao who ride the first BIG ONE . Parsons and Brad surf many waves and some off them really big. The wheather was terrible, the waves bump and huge. People inside the boat got sea sick.

Ed the 45 years old surf teacher help the brazilians so much lending his jetski and Pato retribute putting him to ride also. Pato had a incredible wipe out because the bump, and falling down with the wave. Seconds later Joao catch him inside the white water.

After the big session about 5:45 pm the boat with the Brazilians almost sank when it was crossing the chanel betweem the islands, and a 6 to 8 feet wave broke by the front off the boat. Was a dark nigth and the way back very dangerous. Inside the boat the bags and equipament completely wet, the bodies tired because the long trip and the waves.

The concept of the true perseverance was clear in their minds.

The day after they go back to Todos and knew that Parsons and Gerlach after ride lost arrive 20 milles far from the Ensenada harbour last night...

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