Stars of extreme sport: surfing icons!

There are many world famous surfers, true legends of surfing. They are genius riders who have revolutionized their discipline and triumphed over adversity. Here is a zoom on two of the extreme sports top stars, one that can’t stop making us dream! If you are a fan of surfing, take a look at the celebrity surfers' looks and surfing gear trends before you start practicing. You can visit and take a look at the surfing accessories that most celebritites are wearing.

Antoine Albeau: French windsurfer

Born the same year as Kelly Slater, in 1972, at 45, Antoine Albeau is simply the most decorated French sportsman with 23 world titles in windsurfing ... And maybe soon 24 since he is currently fighting for the PWA world windsurf slalom championship final, in Noumea! The "Colosse de l'Ile de Ré", at the height of 1m85, he is still in top form: 3 wins in 5 PWA events in 2017, which says a lot about the talent of the man...Moreover, Albeau is a holder, since November 2nd 2015, of a windsurfing speed new record with 53.27 knots average speed over 500m (98.66 km / h), established in Namibia. Having won captain of the French Funboard Team, Sailor of the Year in 2010, and F-192 is determined to continue writing his legend!

King Kelly:  American professional surfer

“King Kelly” also 47, is an absolute global surfing icon, certainly the most famous surfer on the planet. The American holds 11 world titles and more than 50 victories on the professional circuit, an absolute record. His victory last year on the prestigious Billabong Pro Tahiti 2016, in the final against the future world champion John John Florence, proves that the “King” remains an exceptional competitor, able to execute aerials of madness while smashing all waves. From there, “King” will go towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, at the age of 48. Injured since the J-Bay Open last July, Kelly Slater has certainly not finished with the CT.

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