Billabong is pleased to welcome, Rush Randle, big wave innovator and water sports athlete, as the newest addition to the team.

For Randle, water sports have always been the main focus of his life. It all began at age five when he started surfing at his home break in Oahu, Hawaii. By age 15 he was a professional windsurfer and would ultimately become recognized as one of the sports top competitors.

Today, Randle is regarded as one of the most innovative big-wave and aerial surfers worldwide. Randle’s goals transcend athleticism. He has explored the crossover of board sports through strap, tow-in and hydrofoil surfing, and invented new ways to push water sports boundaries by modifying conventional surfing techniques for use in extreme conditions.

“Rush has always been in the forefront of inventing new and exciting technologies for use in extreme surfing", said Graham Stapelberg, Vice President of Marketing for Billabong USA.” As the evolution of surfing continues, we are excited to have him on our team to assist in future inventions and expand the horizons of big-wave surfing through Billabong Odyssey expeditions.”

The Billabong Odyssey, which hits nationwide theaters on November 7, features Randle as an inventor and pioneer for the future of big-wave surfing through the sport of hydrofoil surfing. With the use of hydrodynamic foil which is attached to the bottom of the surfboard, surfers are now able to ride waves that were previously unsurfable.

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