Exciting isn't it?

The newer model runs have evolved to show an increased likelihood of South winds at CR Zone on Saturday, and the core of the storm is going to stay somewhat further NW of where I'd really like to see it, leading to too much size decay.

More importantly, the entire Las Vegas economy is more or less depending on the boys coming to town to celebrate Flea's 30th? birthday and we better not stand in the way of that....

So, it's a no-go, CODE WHITE, stand-down or whatever we want to call it for Saturday.

However...the future has rarely looked better. There may be a solid swell after Christmas, a good likelihood of something bigger and badder later in the week. Sean and Adam at Surfline will keep the updates flowing. So stand by and go easy on the post Santa eggnog mix.

Drink and tow responsibly, and make sure your hangovers are gone by Friday. A merry Christmas to you all. Best wishes from the Odyssey crew.

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