The beauty of surfing

Surfing, a sport that makes you think of the sun, the holidays and the beach

Surf to escape
stressful life

An activity
full of thrills

Surf is looking

No need to be very experienced to have fun on a board! Unlike other activities like jet skiing, surfing does not require a specific license.

Learning to surf will allow you to develop many skills. You will learn to control your body and become one with the ocean. It’s an excellent sport to discover yourself differently, overcome your fears and push your limits!

Go surfing in order to push your limits!



If you’re thinking about learning to surf, thinking of attending a surf retreat, or you’re already a fan of the waves you shouldn’t underestimate the changes that getting in the water will bring to your life.

Surfing for pleasure

Who has not dreamed of surfing, hair in the wind, on a turquoise ocean? Surfing is above all an ideal sport to have fun! Do not hesitate to test: you have everything to gain. You will also enjoy the sea air and its soothing virtues. To surf, you will need to stay focused, forgetting all your worries!

Surfing and enjoying

Seawater is an excellent natural care, for the morale as for the skin. It contributes to improving the appearance of the epidermis. Spending a few afternoons in the seawater will help you eliminate cellulite and boost blood circulation.

Waxing Your Surfboard

For a new surfboard or one that has been cleared of any wax, it is best to start with a harder coat of base wax. In its recipe this substance will have a higher percentage of paraffin, which is a harder wax. It is also appropriate to use a harder “tropical” or warm water wax. After this layer is applied to the surfboard deck, a second layer of softer wax should be applied.

Swell surfers

Driven by the power of the swell surfers are worn by gliding sensations that ordinary people can not imagine. In search of the perfect wave, this communion with the elements can be learned quickly with a suitable method. Recipe.

The learning must be done for pleasure, for having a good time and to approach the ocean. With good teaching methods and equipment adapted to the swell conditions, your size and your level you maximize your chances of progress.